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Cognac, armagnac and calvados have a long history and are unquestionably part of France’s heritage.

However, in the last few decades these eaux-de-vie have suffered from an ageing image. Many consumers know these spirits only through big-name brands, whose aim is to create luxury products, smoothing out the lumps and bumps that are also their greatest assets. The same cannot be said for a new generation of young producers who have distinguished themselves for their creativity, daring to shun convention to introduce the world to the incredible diversity of these spirits.

Craftsmanship, tradition and authenticity have now become sought-after qualities. And it is in this spirit that the independent bottler 30&40 was launched. The company was created in 2015 out of frustration: «We have always loved going to Normandy to taste beautiful, high-quality calvados from small producers. So it was a shame that we never heard more about them. Restaurant menus often only have one calvados, despite their being an impressive array of styles. We wanted to somehow shake up this universe which seemed frozen in time
Aymeric, co-founder of 30&40

“We wanted to somehow shake up this universe which seemed frozen in time.”

Aymeric Dutheil30&40


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Calvados Single Cask Garnier 15 ans

calvados garnier 15 yo 2003

France, Calvados – 56.2%, 50cl
Single Cask #ALR113
Limited Edition of 218 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

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L’Encantada Del Cassou 1994
Ledaig Finish

France, Eau-de-vie de Gascogne – 48.8%, 50cl
Limited Edition of 110 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

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