From luscious green nature, to sumptuous palaces with luxuriant gardens and cities in perpetual growth, India’s landscape boasts a multitude of different facets.

With more than five thousand years of rich history, Indian culture draws on every aspect of its past, notably on almost two centuries of British colonization. The architecture, right-hand drive cars and excellent knowledge of spirits are just some of things that pay witness to this past colonial Empire.

Today they are deeply anchored in Indian customs. A new major player in the world of whisky, India has had something of a tumultuous relationship with the spirit. Producing both high-quality single malts and a molasses-based «whisky» ersatz, the country has put everything in place to achieve the same recognition as other countries in Asia, such as Japan and Taiwan.

It’s much more than just trust, La Maison du Whisky is now part of the Amrut family… and may the adventure continue for many, many years to come!

AMRUT Bourbon Cask

Indian Single Malt – 60%, 70cl
Single Cask #660 – Bourbon Barrel
Limited Edition of 180 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Founded in 1948, the Amrut distillery began producing malt whiskies in the mid-1980s. It was not until 2004 that its first official single malt was released simultaneously in France and the UK.

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