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Elephant Gin

This year, for the first time ever, our team of spirits experts worked together to create its own gin! And so we headed to Germany, to the Elephant distillery.

Elephant Gin is found in a magical setting near Hamburg. All around the charming red brick distillery, orchards planted with apple trees stretch into the distance. The area is calm and peaceful, in the heart of abundant nature. Robin, the owner, greets us at the entracne. Clearly as excited as we are to embark on this adventure, he beings by explaining the distillation process that uses a Holstein pot still. Precise regulation of temperatures and heating times enables every botanical to express its full breadth of flavours. And our Made in & Fine Spirit gin is no exception!

Now for the ingredients. Robin and his wife, with whom he founded Elephant, source part of their botanicals locally, notably the apples, one of the distillery’s trademarks, which are grown in the neighbouring orchards. The rest of the botanicals come from Africa, and include devil’s claw, buchu and baobab. An exotic touch that makes Elephant ginl a real journey of the senses.

Their authentic approach continues right to the design of the packaging, with labels, cords and pearl collars from Africa affixed to each bottle by hand. We even get the chance to try our hand at this ourselves. Patience and detail are essential. «African taste, German quality», Robin tells us with a smile. The brand’s motto could not be more apt.

ELEPHANT Gin & fine spirits
special edition

Allemagne, Distilled Gin – 45%, 50cl
Limited Edition of 600 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

Produced using artisanal methods in the region of Hamburg, Elephant Gin is distilled in a small Holstein pot still and each batch creates no more than 600 bottles. The ingredients found in this limited edition selected by the team at & Fine Spirits, our store in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, include fresh apple, bitter and candied orange peel, and juniper berry, jasmine and bay leaf.

We were looking for an original expression that clearly stands out from the other gins on our shelves.

Mathieu Acar
& Fine Spirits store manager