To feature the talent of the bartenders, who skillfully showcase our products through their craft, we’ve also asked three Parisian bars to prepare cocktails and pairings using limited editions from this catalogue.

20bis rue de Douai, Paris 9


At the end of the corridor of the Pink Mamma cold room, head into the warmth and push open the heavy door of No Entry, an unusual cocktail bar somewhere between a crazy herbalist’s shop and a pink velvet boudoir. Snuggled up on the sofa, admire its incredible collection of floral demijohns where some 3,000 litres of spirits are busy infusing. An explosion of the senses and culture shocks abound are guaranteed with these original combinations created from a base of regional specialities from all over the world!

Dalla New Orleans all’Italia

Once upon a time, in New Orleans… Riccardo, the bartender at No Entry, takes us back to the 1920s. The Sazerac Rye is inspired by a twist on an old classic, the Boulevardier. To take us to the south of the US and its Caribbean influence, he has chosen to infuse banana in this Sazerac, bringing it exoticism and richness. But, as always with No Entry, Italy is never far away… Riccardo also uses Vermouth Del Professore, infused with cherry to add soft fruity notes.

In a glass:

— 45ml banana-infused Sazerac Rye
— 25ml cherry-infused Red Vermouth Del Professore
— 25ml Campari
— 2 dashes of Peychaud bitters
— 2 dashes of Anogstura bitters
— Clear ice

Sazerac Rye 6 yo

Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
45%, 70cl
LMDW Exclusive

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11 rue Tiquetonne, Paris 2


Hidden beneath La Maison du Saké, in the Montorgueil district of Paris, the Golden Promise Whisky Bar is a well-known haunt for whisky enthusiasts split into two snug areas ideal for tastings. The first is dedicated to whisky-based cocktails, with a menu that offers both the great classics (Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, etc.) and original creations. The second is dedicated to tastings of old and rare whiskies, with more than 800 single malts on the menu, most of which are no longer available on the market today.

le Domfrontais
Christian Drouin

France, Calvados Domfrontais
40%, 70cl
Limited Edition of 600 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

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Dom Melo

Designed as a fresh, round aperitif, this cocktail from the head barman of the Golden Promise Whisky Bar is a tribute to the sherry cask ageing occasionally practised at Maison Drouin. Amir offers us a combination of flavours from the different countries of Europe with Mulassano Extra Dry and La Bota de Pedro Ximenez, in which plum, liquorice, green grape and spices bring out the naturally very fruity character of this Calvados Domfrontais, produced, of course, from apples and pears!

Mix in a glass:

— 35 ml Calvados Domfrontais Christian Drouin Reserve
— 20 ml Mulassano Extra Dry
— 15 ml La Bota de Pedro Ximenez
— 2 dashes of Bob’s Abbots bitters

6 rue Vivienne, Paris 2


Danico is a cocktail bar located behind the Daroco restaurant in one of the oldest arcades in Paris, Galerie Vivienne. In collaboration with Nico de Soto (who also owns Mace NYC) and its bar manager Thibault Mequignon and his team, Danico offers a menu of twelve cocktails with varied profiles inspired by their travels. Spirits, fruits, spices and aromatic plants from all around the world have been put to good use in their homemade cocktails with unusual names.

Made from Grain & Plant

Danico bar manager Thibault shares his Made From Grain & Plant cocktail, created as a special tribute to the Weller Antique in our 2019 Creation Catalogue. With a new twist on the Old Fashioned that brings out the best of the product, he brings richness and body to this wheated bourbon. Pandan leaves infused in the Weller for 24 hours create an Indonesian touch and soften the product. With ingredients inspired by lands far and wide, this cocktail offers an authentic tour of the world’s flavours.

Mix in a glass:

— 6cl Well Antique infused with Pandan leaves
— 0.5ml homemade coconut blossom syrup
— 5 dashes Himalayan salt solution
— One Pandan leaf

WL Weller antique 107

Kentucky Straight Bourbon
53.5%, 100cl
Limited Edition of 150 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

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11 rue Tiquetonne, Paris 2


Peat Charred Cask

Irish Single Malt – 54%, 70cl
Single Cask #03814 – Peat Charred Cask
Limited Edition of 240 bottles
LMDW Exclusive

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Chaser 100% Irish

The birthplace of Saint Patrick is just as famous for its whiskeys as it is for its beers. And every Irish bar serves the famous boilermaker, a pint of beer with a whisky chaser. It is just such a pairing that La Maison du Whisky experts offer you here with this 100% Irish pairing.A meeting of a whiskey from the West Cork Distillery, aged in peated whiskey casks, and the Handsome Jack IPA from Hope Beer…
The India Pale Ale’s bitterness perfectly counterbalances the smoky, spicy (ginger) notes emanating from the whiskey. A second aspect of this pairing appears during the tasting. The fruity aromas of this 54% ABV whiskey meet notes that are sometimes floral (peony), sometimes acidic (fresh apple) and sometimes even characterized by citrus fruit that develop into more citric flavours.

Handsome Jack
IPA Hope Beer – 6.6%, 33cl

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